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Engineering Services

Steel Structure Analysis// 01


Definition of Loads

Modelling of Steel Structure

• Line Elements

• Shell Elements

• Solid Element

Analysis & Evaluation

• Stress

• Deflection

• Fatigue

• Dynamic

Instrument  Engineering// 03


▪IACS, F&G, ESD System, C&E Chart

▪I/O List and Instrument Index

▪Block Diagram and Connection Diagram

▪Instrument Tagging Philosophy

▪Field Instruments & Valves Data Sheet

▪Instrument Hook up Drawing

▪Navigation System

▪Communication System

▪System Integration

Electrical Engineering // 02


▪Design Basis & Document

▪Main Equipment POS & TBE

▪Load Analysis & Load List

▪Single Line Diagram

▪Main Equipment Sizing & Lighting Calculation

▪Block Diagram & Connection Diagram

▪Lighting & EquipmentsGA

▪PDMS 3D Modeling

▪Equipment GA

▪Main Cable Tray GA

▪Fabrication Drawings,Installation Practice,Material Take Off

Project Scheudle Engineer // 04


▪Project Schedule Control

▪Production Process Management

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